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This will be short like duh. XD Tomorrow I won’t be able to post anything for certain somethings. So I just have to say buh-bye and I just want to thank the one who subscribed to me! I’ll try my best and hardest so you won’t unsubscribe to my blog. XDD

Oh, just to make to this long, I’ll post some quick doodles, XDD this post will be in the Quick doodle Category. XD

(C) SoraMatsuri

Commission. Yeah, That is a commission I made. XD Here’s another one that I kinda like. XD

(C) SoraMatsuri

Well, goodbye for now. Be back on Tuesday. I hope so. =)


Okay, this will be just a very short of what happened to me. Today, was just a pretty ordinary day. I woke up and then surf the net. Of course I took my bath and stuff and then opened a new store at Gaia Online, Le Petite Chibi Shoppe, which specializes in quick art doodles XD..

Here are some of them….

Art (c) SoraMatsuri, Avatars (c) Le Toxique

I still finished more but these three are my favorites.

I rested for a while and visited my uncle at the hospital. ^^ With my dearest mother. After that, I went back to the dorm and finished some more commissions. XDD

(C) Studio Bones

Artist: Younha

Anime: Jyu Oh Sei


kutsu wo nugisute hadashi ni natta
soshite atashi wa nami wo
futa ri tsukutta suna no shiro-tachi

sarawarenai you ni
dakedo sugu nami ni kesarete
wa youyaku omoi ni kidzuita

Looking into my
you will touch on my heart
anata e no omoi wa
kawaranai tashika na koto yo
Maybe I love you more every
day and night
te wo tsunaida naraba
doko made mo ikeru
ki ga suru
te wo tsunagu aite ni naritai naa
atashi to
jaa nee dame desu ka?

tenkiyohou ga
“ashita wa hare deshou” to tsutaeru
ame ga futtara omoi
kedo mata yohou wa atatte
atashi wa kyou mo
omoi himete iru

Looking into my eyes,
you will
touch on my heart
sabishii toki wa sugu ai ni iku

yakusoku suru yo
Can you hear my song
I sing for you
every night?
hitori ja nai tte koto
atashi ga nee
oshiete ageru

anata e no omoi kaki kamihikouki
tsuyoi kaze ga fuite nerai yori hazure,
nanika shinakya hajimaranai

into my eyes,
you will touch on my heart
ima anata ni
mukai tsutaeyou
yuuki furishibotte
Maybe I love you
more every day and night
kotae ga dou de are
dekiru koto wo yaru n’ da to

Looking into my
you will touch on my heart
anata to iru dake
zutto tsuyoku nareru ki ga suru
Looking into my
you will touch on my heart
te wo tsunaida
doko made mo ikeru ki ga suru

te wo
tsunagu aite ni naritai naa
atashi to jaa nee dame desu
kotaete yo

More lyrics:
All about Younha:

(c) SoraMatsuri

I’m open everyone!! ^^ Feel free to commission me anytime… JUST KIDDING!!

Another quick art doodles and I made a whole lot of them today. Obviously, they are for gaia Online, for my newest shop, Le Petite Chibi Shoppe, which offers quick doodle chibi drawings for a very cheap price. XDD Here are the store girls I made (the last two have been posted here much earlier ^^)

(c) SoraMatsuri

And I have given them names now!! ^^ Clockwise: Blondie, Happy, Missy, Cherry, Sweetie. XDD

I had fun drawing them and they are lovable. XD Hihi!! Oh my, the cuteness!!!

And that would be all for the cuteness. XDD

(C) SoraMatsuri


(C) Gainax/Geeks

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt was the newest offer of Studio Gainax (Gurren Lagann, FLCL) last 2010 after the massive and phenomenal success of their last series, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Surely, it was quite a big change to the studio, offering a cartoon-style anime with a content not suitable for all ages, but rather for those who are adult enough.


Panty & Stocking revolves around the story of two sisters, Panty (the older) and Stocking (the younger). They are actually fallen angels whose job were to defeat all Ghosts on earth from wrecking havoc. Every Ghost they defeat leaves a heaven coin or more. Once they have collected enough of these coins, they are permitted to go back to heaven.

But it seems they have a long way to go, as these two were not angelic enough: Panty loves ‘playing in bed’ while Stocking has an enormous addiction to sweets. They were accustomed to be getting laidback and so nothing but what that pleases them. Will they be able to go back to heaven?

(C) Gainax/Geeks


Actually, just this 2011 I discovered Panty & Stocking but last 2010, my friends have been talking about. I thought it was just a collection of funny clips like the ones you see on YouTube. But when I asked one friend to describe what the show is all about, he said that it isn’t your usual cartoon show. It is made in Japan by Studio Gainax but in cartoon style. I said okay and I even felt thrilled since Gainax animated it. But then he followed it deals with mature content.

At first, I was hesitant to watch this because of the mature content. But hey, it is cartoon, what could be so mature about it? And so… I watched it.

And BAM. It was enormously hilarious like crazy, dude! The humor is just… is just blowing my mind so far far away and all those crazy representations of the so-called  mature content is insane. Every single clip on YouTube there are dislikes but the likes are double of that. Which is… so COOL. That everyone loved it, because I loved it as well.

Truthfully, it wasn’t really suitable for just anyone. Since it deals with sex, vulgar words, obscene scenes, and violence, which is a no-no to youngsters. And because of that, it is no wonder why there many who disliked it.

On top of that, many said that the show may be the one that will cause Gainax the downfall, but I think it won’t! Many just loved it and it proves that the show is a success, not as successful as TTGL, but it was a success.

(C) Gainax/Geeks

The characters are all lovable, especially Brief. Oh my, the most handsome and cutest geek (in cartoon) I’ve ever seen!! And Chuck, which is almost looked like someone in Invader Zim. XD SImply adorable. And who would have thought? Garterbelt is a man in afro, which is a priest? And his history was really… really coooooool.

The music was really good, especially D City Rock which is one of the original soundtrack. The music video of it was a total hit. The animation was superb, too superb for a cartoon-style anime and plus, the anime versions of the two protagonists are breath taking.

Each episode will make you burst into laughter. Plus, the names are not your average names. The characters lived up to their names. Oh yes~

It was a bit refreshing for me, since I don’t watch cartoons that often. I really love this show and I just can’t wait for the second season!! XD

(C) Hiromu Arakawa

Anime: Juushin Enbu ~Hero Tales~

Artist: High and Mighty Color


Saezuri wo wasureta tori-tachi ga tobu koto sae nakushita toki
Komorebi wa hikari wo nugisutete ookina koe de nakimashita
Bokura ni nani wo takushite asabi wa mata terasundarou

Te wo narashimashou anata he todoku youni
Te wo narashimashou mada sukoshi tarinai
Te wo narashimashou itoshisa komiagete
Te wo narashimashou konomama toki ga owatte mo

Mada todokezu shimai ni shiteita anata he no omoi wo koko de SPEAK OUT!
EVERY GO, EVERY WHERE, kono uta ni nose todoke FEEL NOW!

Yurayura to toki wa uso mitai ni shinjitsu wo nurikaete yuku
Michikake tsuzukeru tsukiyo no shita kata wo narabete nakimashita

Bokura no naka de ima demo ikitsuzukeru hito ga ii

Te wo narashimashou mada mienu sekai he
Te wo narashimashou mada furenu hito-tachi he
Te wo narashimashou itoshisa komiagete
Te wo narashimashou konomama toki ga owatte mo

Wo-anata ni, Wo-anata ni, tsutaetakute mo tsutawaranai omoi ga ikutsumo atte
Demo sonomama Inside shimatte oku ki mo issai nai kara
Koko de ikutsumo no omoi wo hitotsu no kotoba ni

Te wo narashimashou anata he todoku youni
Te wo narashimashou mada kienu sekai ga
Te wo narashimashou bokura wo kitto matteru
Te wo narashimashou konomama toki ga owatte mo

Today was an absolutely tiring day for me! Wanna know wanna know? Lets start from this very morning…

I woke up at 5.30am to have a bath but due to some habits, I tend to look for my comb first but I couldn’t find it. So I wasted a few couple of minutes but I ain’t got all the time! I was in a hurry! So I resorted into using someone else’s comb — my roommate. She wasn’t there since yesterday so I have to borrow it without her permission. Sorry and thank you to her! >///< After that really freakin’ moment, I went to take my bath. It was friggin’ chillin’ cold so I wasn’t able to shampoo my hair. And it sucks. I can’t really stand the cold.

I planned on eating my breakfast (breakfast time starts at 6.00am) but since I have to run to the university’s plaza mayor before 6.30am, I skipped my breakfast and headed to the convenience store — not to eat — but to buy my lunch (which is not rice, unfortunately) and some snacks for our trip. Oh, did I said today was our National Service and Training Program Fieldwork? We were going to paint a classroom of a public school. =)

And so, after that, blah blah blah. I expected us to leave on or a couple of minutes after 6.30 but instead we left after an hour and a half. It wasn’t really a good thing, since I want our fieldwork to finish early. we left at 8.00 am. We were going somewhere far away with 2 to three hours travel time. So it was tiring even if it is still morning. But before leaving, I took the opportunity to take some pictures. ^^

UST Main Building

This is our university’s main and oldest building around. It is often mistaken as a Church because of its cross on top of it. Ahaha, I dunno why but I didn’t even once mistook it for a Church. And look at the time, yes, that early I was already in front of it with my groupmates and other NSTP-mates. =)

After that, we went to where we should went. XD I’ll cut this short. So okay, we painted, painted, painted. Here are the samples.

Painting is Fun!

And because I was insanely genius…. I painted my fingers using a Cerulean (?) Latex paint I mixed…. XD

Oh Yeah!!

After that, we went home. After that, I went back to my dormitory, had a refreshing bath after a long day. Afterwards, I washed my undies and then after that I went down to plug my laptop and then had my dinner and then straight into my laptop, opened numbers of tabs (tumblr, facebook, deviantart, wordpress, gaiaonline, photobucket, smackjeeves) and then programs (photoshop, itunes, folders, internet). After that, AH! At last! BREAK FOREVER!! XD

Anarchy Sora


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