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Seriously, this anime was really filled with bishounen characters and not to mention insanely cute fairies. I first saw this anime in an anime magazine and then my friend told me it was really good and romantic. She gave me a copy and then in just a day, nonstop, yeah, I finished this. Actually, only overnight.

This series is known in Japan as Hakushaku no Yosei. It is originally a series of light novels by Mizue Tani. It was adapted into an anime in year 2008. It also has a game and manga adaptation.


The story is set in Victorian England and is about the 17-year-old fairy doctor named Lydia Carlton. She can see fairies and only she as to others these mystical creatures are invisible to their naked eyes. All was well until she met the Legendary Blue Knight Count Edgar J.C Ashbert and hired her to be as his advisor as they quest into finding a treasured sword supposed to be handed down to Edgar by his family.


Admit it, the art was simply lovingly good and gorgeous. No doubt about that. Animation wise, it was good, The story is very interesting especially to me who is insanely craving for mythical stuff such as fairies and magic. That is primarily the reason why I watched this series.

As I said, the story is interesting, too bad it ended in a way I didn’t want to be. The story wasn’t actually finished, because afterall there were antagonists that weren’t defeated and questions left unanswered.

When talking about series set in Victorian England, we expect romance (ahem, Victorian Romance Emma please?) and yes, there were a lot of romance. Though I found it sad to Edgar, since Lydia almost reject him. Can’t blame her though, Edgar was a bit persuasive to start with. Their relationship, I’ve found it, quite slow to progress. I really wanted to be together y’know?

The ending isn’t into my liking but It did not change my liking to the show. I liked it a lot, really. I just wished Artland would make a season 2. ❤


(C) Gainax/Geeks

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt was the newest offer of Studio Gainax (Gurren Lagann, FLCL) last 2010 after the massive and phenomenal success of their last series, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Surely, it was quite a big change to the studio, offering a cartoon-style anime with a content not suitable for all ages, but rather for those who are adult enough.


Panty & Stocking revolves around the story of two sisters, Panty (the older) and Stocking (the younger). They are actually fallen angels whose job were to defeat all Ghosts on earth from wrecking havoc. Every Ghost they defeat leaves a heaven coin or more. Once they have collected enough of these coins, they are permitted to go back to heaven.

But it seems they have a long way to go, as these two were not angelic enough: Panty loves ‘playing in bed’ while Stocking has an enormous addiction to sweets. They were accustomed to be getting laidback and so nothing but what that pleases them. Will they be able to go back to heaven?

(C) Gainax/Geeks


Actually, just this 2011 I discovered Panty & Stocking but last 2010, my friends have been talking about. I thought it was just a collection of funny clips like the ones you see on YouTube. But when I asked one friend to describe what the show is all about, he said that it isn’t your usual cartoon show. It is made in Japan by Studio Gainax but in cartoon style. I said okay and I even felt thrilled since Gainax animated it. But then he followed it deals with mature content.

At first, I was hesitant to watch this because of the mature content. But hey, it is cartoon, what could be so mature about it? And so… I watched it.

And BAM. It was enormously hilarious like crazy, dude! The humor is just… is just blowing my mind so far far away and all those crazy representations of the so-called  mature content is insane. Every single clip on YouTube there are dislikes but the likes are double of that. Which is… so COOL. That everyone loved it, because I loved it as well.

Truthfully, it wasn’t really suitable for just anyone. Since it deals with sex, vulgar words, obscene scenes, and violence, which is a no-no to youngsters. And because of that, it is no wonder why there many who disliked it.

On top of that, many said that the show may be the one that will cause Gainax the downfall, but I think it won’t! Many just loved it and it proves that the show is a success, not as successful as TTGL, but it was a success.

(C) Gainax/Geeks

The characters are all lovable, especially Brief. Oh my, the most handsome and cutest geek (in cartoon) I’ve ever seen!! And Chuck, which is almost looked like someone in Invader Zim. XD SImply adorable. And who would have thought? Garterbelt is a man in afro, which is a priest? And his history was really… really coooooool.

The music was really good, especially D City Rock which is one of the original soundtrack. The music video of it was a total hit. The animation was superb, too superb for a cartoon-style anime and plus, the anime versions of the two protagonists are breath taking.

Each episode will make you burst into laughter. Plus, the names are not your average names. The characters lived up to their names. Oh yes~

It was a bit refreshing for me, since I don’t watch cartoons that often. I really love this show and I just can’t wait for the second season!! XD

(C) Toei Animation / Aya Nakahara

Lovely Complex or more commonly known as Love*Com is an original manga by Aya Nakahara and was adapted into anime by Toei Animation. It was then later adapted into a live action series wherein Koike Teppei (Gokusen 2) acted as Atsushi Ootani. This series caught my attention as it has a unique plot and quite an unusual pairing not common for a romantic-comedy series. A little trivia though, the characters here are not speaking in standard Japanese language, instead, they are all speaking in Kansai-ben (dialect), which adds up to the comedy relief through out the series.


Love*Com’s story is about a young girl, whose name is Koizumi Risa, who has the height most girls dream of, but she seemed so unhappy with it. In her whole life she have been always standing at the very last spot of the line in school. Her goal is to find a boyfriend after being heartbroken by her crush Suzuki. It was actually a bet between her and a boy named Atsushi Ootani, a definitely not your average guy. He is short — too short for his age but don’t underestimate this little guy! He maybe small but he’s great in basketball and not to mention, has fans himself.

As they continue on their bet, series of unexpected events happened, much to their surprise. Even them couldn’t believe it. They grew closer and eventually, Koizumi developed feelings for Ootani, which caused her love life to be much more complicated than it used to.

One question though, does Ootani feel the same towards her?


This is yet another very simple anime in terms if art but big in plot. Know what I mean? Despite its simplicity the depth of the story is quite not your usual one. The anime is very hilarious, thanks to its Kansai-ben-speaking roster of characters, pulling of one joke to another which is very, very amusing.

The romance in the air was really sweet and quite cliche but not too much.

What I like most about this show is that it depicts the ups and downs when it comes into relationship and it shows that what more important is what a person is: his personality and not his physical appearance. Youths nowadays, majority, look at the outside appearance. So this is a good show that love can last longer when you look on the inside of your partner.

The show maybe quite predictable but it is quite expected that the unexpected will come. =)

Tokyo Marble Chocolate

I first saw this very simple and short anime in an anime magazine a year ago and then watched it. It was done by Production IG, the wonderful studio that did Ghost in the Shell. It is an Original Video Animation (OVA) which consists of two half-hour (almost) episodes.


The story centers on the lovers, Chizuru and Yuudai. Both of then are uncertain and unsure of their feelings for each other. They both have fears in the relationships to their past loves and break-ups.

The first episode tackles Chizuru’s view on their relationship while the second one is about Yuudai’s view.

Will they be able to grow and strengthen their love and relationship?


Truthfully, the anime is really simple in terms of its art but despite of that simplicity it harbors an inspiring and thoughtful sweetness and romance. Animation wise, as it was animated by an award-winning studio, it was very fluid and cute (if I may describe it). The pastel colors of the art adds up to its romantic plot and with a splash of comedy, it has the whole package. The story maybe cliche – predictable – but it doesn’t matter.

Chizuru’s point of view didn’t quite capture me as Yuudai’s did. Maybe it is because of her personality who is quite a mild pessimist. Can’t blame her though, she had been through a lot of hardships in a relationship.

As for Yuudai’s, it was really sweet, making me wish a guy would like that – despite of his klutz side – is very passionate when in a relationship. He may be not one of the gorgeous guys but you can rely on him and has a lovable personality.

The music was reaaaalllly good to top all of that. Seamo’s Mata Aimashou was used for Chizuru’s episode. It was quite of a lonely and sad song. Sukima Switch’s catchy song Zenryoku Shounen was used for Yuudai’s. The song tells about what a man must do. Face his fears, stand up, and never EVER give up! Catchy as it can be, I was listening to it hundred times.

Wrapping things up, the anime was really good and I suggest that couples out there must watch this. I really want a relationship like that. =)

PS: The anime won the Grand Prize in the Feature Film Category  in Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival last 2008. Cool huh?

Howl's Moving Castle

This movie is based on Diana Wynne Jones’ novel of the same title. The anime movie adaptation was done by the every flawless and genius Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli. Having said that, this is expected to be yet another genius movie.


(c) Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli

The story is about a young lady named Sophie who is a hatter. Her only family are her mother and younger sister Letty. In the world where they live, it is said that there is a wizard named Howl who seduces young women and then later eats their hearts. The wizard said lives in a moving castle. And there was the Witch of the Waste, which said to be Howl’s company.

Sophie one day went to the shop where Letty works to visit her. On her way she had encountered two guards which were not to her liking. She was saved by a handsome blonde man. Later there were weird sluggy (?) creatures following them and together they flew and had successfully escaped from the creatures. The blonde man was Howl and he dropped Sophie off to the shop where her sister works.

After that, Letty and Sophie had little conversation about their lives and Howl, the wizard. Letty warned Sophie about it but Sophie didn’t believe to such things.

Going back home, it was already dark and it was time to close the shop. She had locked it but someone entered. It was a woman. She asked several questions much to Sophie’s annoyance. Sophie got quite little rude and because of that, the woman put a curse to Sophie. She was the Witch of the Waste, much to Sophie’s surprise.

The curse, however, made Sophie a 90-year0old woman. Her skin was wrinkled and her back hunched. She was not allowed to talk about the curse to anyone and now , it was up to her to find ways to return back to her original state.


(C) Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli

This is undoubtedly one of Miyazaki-san’s gorgeous and flawless animated film. The sceneries were all beautiful, making you feel they are realistic paintings. And another thing, the details were overflowing like crazy. They don’t look cluttered at all and every detail is given enough attention to.

(C) Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli

The cast was very adorable and each one has their own spotlights. The animation was smooth as always. Though the art was really spectacular, the plot was brilliant, but the adaptation was quite… blah. Yes, the concept was still there but it didn’t really captured what it must captured.

When I first heard, read this and then later watched it, I was really amazed with all but when I started reading the book from where it was inspired of, I found that something is missing in the movie. I won’t spill any of it (don’t worry) but when you finish it, you will be asking yourself this and that, what, how, and blah. Though don’t mistook it for something else. The movie is reeeeaaaallly very good though there is this just one thing that is missing in it.

I suggest you to read the book first so you could capture all of its adventures, twists and turns before watching the movie adaptation. After that, you can freely compare it and decide whether which one you preferred more. For me, I prefer the book over the adaptation because of the story but the excitement, I prefer the movie. The book left me… quite bored. Not entirely but yeah… but don’t let this change your mind in watching this. Its really good. =)

(C) Studio Ghibli

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