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Today is a pretty boring day. Aside from the fact that I was sleepy and nothing much left for me to do, we didn’t have classes — or should I say I did not attend my classes. Simply because last night was our university’s big countdown for its 400th year of unending grace. So obviously people would stay up till early morning. And goddammit, everyone was fast asleep when I woke up, even the dogs and cats; no wonder people won’t attend their class.

As for me, all I did was to surf the internet, listen to music, do my artworks, and blah. Text my friends. Though something in the afternoon happened. I went to our university to pass something but — the hell — our NSTP (National Service Training Program) instructor didn’t show up! It was like I waited there. You know? The time! Ugh, so instead I went back to the dorm but before doing that, I took some pictures… though I only managed to take two pictures since there were other people ‘photoshooting’. =_=

400 yrs. of Unending Grace

The right picture is the number 4 in 400. Painted on it is our university’s logo. The right picture is the side of the number 4. Written on it is our university’s hymn. Pretty cool huh?

After that, I went to buy myself a drink, as a treat for being the best bored girl in town. *laughs*

After that, I went home. And continued to surf the net. =)

BTW, before I forget to tell you, I kept on staring my black and orange nails. =)

My Nails!

And by the way, I am so happy to announce that I have finished my first fan art of Anarchy Panty from Panty and Stocking!! Yippeee!! ^^


Today is a rather quite boring day. We don’t have classes and that leave me into indulging myself into the internet. More or less I wanna go straight in to my computer screen. So all I did today was to listen to music, surf the internet, and then text him, text her, text them, checked out my Facebook account, my DeviantArt gallery, reblog in Tumblr, roll around in Gaia and that would be all. 0_0 continue my fan arts and then… and then what? *BANG BANG* I’m dead. Boredom killed me! And sleepy attack!! But I don’t want to sleep just because I know I will wake up in the evening. And I don’t like that. Tomorrow will be pretty much the same. I think. 0_0

Nothing really interesting had happened except that…

I ate Yogurt!!! mango flavored!

I played jigsaw in Gaia!

And I think that will be all. 0_0 I hate being bored actually. I do doodles like these but I am not in the mood. =_= I wanna write down the story in my head but I feel so lazy…. I wish tonight will be a little better.

Btw, the wind in here is so strong. It adds to the sleepy attack. ZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzz

Anarchy Sora


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