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(C) SoraMatsuri

Its cute when we chat all night long and fell asleep together. ❤



This will be short like duh. XD Tomorrow I won’t be able to post anything for certain somethings. So I just have to say buh-bye and I just want to thank the one who subscribed to me! I’ll try my best and hardest so you won’t unsubscribe to my blog. XDD

Oh, just to make to this long, I’ll post some quick doodles, XDD this post will be in the Quick doodle Category. XD

(C) SoraMatsuri

Commission. Yeah, That is a commission I made. XD Here’s another one that I kinda like. XD

(C) SoraMatsuri

Well, goodbye for now. Be back on Tuesday. I hope so. =)

(c) SoraMatsuri

I’m open everyone!! ^^ Feel free to commission me anytime… JUST KIDDING!!

Another quick art doodles and I made a whole lot of them today. Obviously, they are for gaia Online, for my newest shop, Le Petite Chibi Shoppe, which offers quick doodle chibi drawings for a very cheap price. XDD Here are the store girls I made (the last two have been posted here much earlier ^^)

(c) SoraMatsuri

And I have given them names now!! ^^ Clockwise: Blondie, Happy, Missy, Cherry, Sweetie. XDD

I had fun drawing them and they are lovable. XD Hihi!! Oh my, the cuteness!!!

And that would be all for the cuteness. XDD

(C) SoraMatsuri

(C) SoraMatsuri

This is another quick doodle for Gaia! I know what does “Come Again!” means. =) Anyways, this is how my avatar looks before the one with bluish white hair. =w=

(c) SoraMatsuri

Now I have some insights with this one. The first image looked so dark – very dark so I changed Oishi’s clothes into lighter ones and their hair colors — I lightened them so it would look not too dark. =) I also changed Tezuka’s clothes but I guess I have to find better colors. 0_0 I am nearing to the final output. And I can’t just wait. ^^

Characters (C) Takeshi Konomi

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