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This is just a quick doodle for my 1000th post on Tumblr, though I have already exceeded it. I have like 1200+ posts now. And I think I love this character I drew. He’s not one of my OCs but he’s going to be one someday… when I finally have an idea what to name him though. Ahaha!! I love quick doodling like this. Its like it is better than the clean ones I make. But nah, many like the clean works. Who would like messy ones anyway?! =)

This is done in photoshop. =)

Maka x Soul

A pairing from the anime Soul Eater

Just recently I decided to have an artwork for every month of a year and this one is for January 2011. It took me days before I have finally finished it. This was originally a scrap (the traditional sketch, I mean) but then I picked it up again, did the lineart and thing and viola! This was the result of that awesome scrap.

Now, originally, the art was supposed to be my entry in fan art contest but I failed to attend it and either ways, I do not want to submit original hard copy artworks. Because it would bring me to tears!! *A*

To tell you about this artwork, it features Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans from the anime Soul Eater. They are obviously an adorable pairing that I couldn’t help but to draw them. This is by the way my first fan art of the couple.

The concept is that Maka harbors… some romantic feelings (which is I don’t know if she do in the anime or manga) for Soul and that look on her gives the aura of… having some secret feelings for her partner, Soul. And Soul on the other hand in this art just looked so… bishounen type and looked more decent and respectful. *laughs* Ahaha!!

This is done in Photoshop ver.7.0. Yep, not CS4 nor 5, just the plain old thing. One of the earliest versions. Hey, it is awesome I tell you. =)

Anarchy Sora


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