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(C) SoraMatsuri

This is a commission and as the title says, the Fish here is the red-haired cutie while the frogs are the green-haired babies. They are what you called personifications of animals – animals in their human forms. ^^ This is by far the best and favorite commission ‘ve ever done. ^^


Omfg, yeah, WTF. It was a very, very, very irritating day for me!

I have PE class in the morning and we were ought to play frisbee. Okay, frisbee wasn’t the most easiest sport I’ve ever encountered. I just can’t couldn’t catch the disk! But that wasn’t the irritating thing. When we were playing… YES! it was really fun but when one group entered and became our opponent, everything fell down.

The game ended and my group mates said, “They play dirty.” “They are not fair.” I asked why and they said during the game, a mmeber of the opposing team kept on insulting them and sort of mild threatening. And the rule was to block the opponents but the opposing were sort of shielding their fellow group mates, so our group wouldn’t be able to steal that frisbee. SEE?! It got to my nerves and because of that, I got wild and stuff but fortunately I was calmed down. Thanks to my lovable mates. And because of that too, I did not attend my two classes for today. So what did I do? I did commissions. Obviously. and Here are they…

(c) SoraMatsuri

(C) SoraMatsuri

(C) SoraMatsuri

And yeah, I am too lazy to do homework and I know I’m gonna regret that. But I’ll do it tonight. >///< I just hope I can finish the final draft. Oh well, just good luck to me.

(C) SoraMatsuri

This is another commission and believe, I liked the way it appeared to be. The concept is (ahem, look at the title please). And this character is really daring yet royalty. ^^ She is, after all, a QUEEN BITCH. So low-life bitches, get out of her way!! XD

(C) SoraMatsuri

Its cute when we chat all night long and fell asleep together. ❤


(c) SoraMatsuri

This is yet another commission I did. I kinda like this one. ^^ Its like their glowing pendants are their hearts and they glow even more when they are together. ^^ Though it took me quite some time to get the girl right. I had several tries before. But the guy was right on! ❤

(c) SoraMatsuri

Okay, so this freakin’ month of February is the love month. Valentine’s Day is just there and… WHAT? VALENTINES?! Where is my date?! Where is my freakin’ date?!

. . .

I don ‘ have a date. I don’t even have a boyfriend! *laughs* And so, how would I spend my Valentines? I would simply draw more commissions. Yes, drawing makes me happy and no, I won’t find any hot guys to boot. I’m too early for that. (WHUT?!) Just kiddin. Honestly, I really don’t care whether I have a boyfriend or not. Valentines day isn’t just about spending time with your partner. It is meant to be celebrated by all. Celebrate it with family, friends. Sigh.

Many becomes bitter during Valentines because they were remembering their ex’s and how they celebrated that day. oh brother, MOVE ON!!! You have your friends, your family to celebrate with! Just freakin’ forever whoever broke your damn, gorgeous heart.

Anyways, I have been asked to draw couple arts lately. 0_0 Yeah, a whole lot of them, and the image above is one of them. Its actually my favorite. =) Its kinda cute, don’t you think so? =)

Today is quite another depressing day. I didn’t go to class because I haven’t finished yet my requirements. Sigh, I wish I will be able to survive this year, and Valentines.

But in my love life? No worries I guess. Because I know God is saving me for the right guy. :”)

But, I am just curious…


(C) SoraMatsuri

this is the drawing I made for my tumblr daddy. He wanted his hair long and had a domo-kun hat. I liked this a lot. ^^ He’s a music lover so he has earphones in his hands in this drawing. ^^

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