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(C) SoraMatsuri

At last!! This one is finished! This is my first time doing all the gradient thing all over an art. =) The description of this one is in here:

I am really so happy! ^^ This one is posted in my DeviantArt Gallery now.

And I was really thrilled with this one. I can’t believe I actually did this! But for more info… here they are!

I had several tried into coloring Panty’s eyes. The first try it was too dark and the  the next tries were just so… BLAH. It took me… at least half an hour into doing that. And for her hair, just love love love it! Got it from the very first try. For the skin, it was really fun to do. =)

Up next, I would doing my other Panty fan art! XDDD


Panty (c) 2010. Gainax/Geeks

Another fan art of Anarchy Panty! See, see! I’m addicted to her already. Well, she’s just so sexy and extremely adorable.  I have several inspirarions/references to these one. =) Here are they…. !

(c) to their respective owners

The picture at the upper left corner is my reference for Panty’s falling strap. The photo at the upper right is inspiration for Panty’s ‘cloth’ wings (I dunno exactly what it is called. The image at the lower left is actually a painting (oil on canvas) entitled Duet in Red by one of our university’s professor (done in 2009). It was my reference for Panty’s wings (look at the fishes’ tails) and the last image at lower right is my reference for Panty’s pose. I really enjoyed and thrilled doing this sketch and I can’t get any more excited to finish this!!!

Anarchy Sora


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