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(C) SoraMatsuri

At last!! This one is finished! This is my first time doing all the gradient thing all over an art. =) The description of this one is in here:

I am really so happy! ^^ This one is posted in my DeviantArt Gallery now.

And I was really thrilled with this one. I can’t believe I actually did this! But for more info… here they are!

I had several tried into coloring Panty’s eyes. The first try it was too dark and the  the next tries were just so… BLAH. It took me… at least half an hour into doing that. And for her hair, just love love love it! Got it from the very first try. For the skin, it was really fun to do. =)

Up next, I would doing my other Panty fan art! XDDD


(c) SoraMatsuri

Now I have some insights with this one. The first image looked so dark – very dark so I changed Oishi’s clothes into lighter ones and their hair colors — I lightened them so it would look not too dark. =) I also changed Tezuka’s clothes but I guess I have to find better colors. 0_0 I am nearing to the final output. And I can’t just wait. ^^

Characters (C) Takeshi Konomi

ICARUS (C) SOraMatsuri

This is my most prized fan art to date. This is done on ordinary paper using 0.5 mechanical pencil. No more no less. I made the shades using my fingers and it was quite a lot of fun.

This work was inspired from a Greek tale about a man named Icarus who wanted to reach the sun. He made wings out of wax and flew into the universe. He got too close to the sun and it melted his wings and then, he fell down.

Edward Elric, from Fullmetal Alchemist, can be compared to Icarus simple because of he had done when he was young. Remember? He tried to bring his late mother, Trisha Elric, to life with the use of human transmutation. All of us know that that is the greatest taboo an alchemist can ever commit. And it is forbidden. And when they did not, obviously they did not succeed. As for their payment, Edward lost his right hand and left leg while his younger brother, Alphonse, lost all of his body. With that awful event, they both have fallen, like Icarus.

I was quite thrilled with this art of mine, simply because this is my first art wholly based on something. BTW, please don’t mind the proportion, I really suck at it.

Ed’s wings in here is made of wax and it is melting, because the sun (the Philosopher’s stone) is too near to him. In the anime, just to have the philosopher’s stone, they have sacrificed many things. And some of their obstacles are the homonculus (well as here, they are represented at those tiny creatures ready to wrap the Stone, which was primarily creatures from Envy’s original body) and the Truth, which was represented by black, stretch hands aiming for Ed’s body.

The hand reaching for the Stone was based from my own hand and it took me some time to actually copy it. I suck at hands, honestly.

Overall, I really love this. ❤ Oh my. I can only draw something like this once in a blue moon!

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