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(c) SoraMatsuri

Now I have some insights with this one. The first image looked so dark – very dark so I changed Oishi’s clothes into lighter ones and their hair colors — I lightened them so it would look not too dark. =) I also changed Tezuka’s clothes but I guess I have to find better colors. 0_0 I am nearing to the final output. And I can’t just wait. ^^

Characters (C) Takeshi Konomi


ICARUS (C) SOraMatsuri

This is my most prized fan art to date. This is done on ordinary paper using 0.5 mechanical pencil. No more no less. I made the shades using my fingers and it was quite a lot of fun.

This work was inspired from a Greek tale about a man named Icarus who wanted to reach the sun. He made wings out of wax and flew into the universe. He got too close to the sun and it melted his wings and then, he fell down.

Edward Elric, from Fullmetal Alchemist, can be compared to Icarus simple because of he had done when he was young. Remember? He tried to bring his late mother, Trisha Elric, to life with the use of human transmutation. All of us know that that is the greatest taboo an alchemist can ever commit. And it is forbidden. And when they did not, obviously they did not succeed. As for their payment, Edward lost his right hand and left leg while his younger brother, Alphonse, lost all of his body. With that awful event, they both have fallen, like Icarus.

I was quite thrilled with this art of mine, simply because this is my first art wholly based on something. BTW, please don’t mind the proportion, I really suck at it.

Ed’s wings in here is made of wax and it is melting, because the sun (the Philosopher’s stone) is too near to him. In the anime, just to have the philosopher’s stone, they have sacrificed many things. And some of their obstacles are the homonculus (well as here, they are represented at those tiny creatures ready to wrap the Stone, which was primarily creatures from Envy’s original body) and the Truth, which was represented by black, stretch hands aiming for Ed’s body.

The hand reaching for the Stone was based from my own hand and it took me some time to actually copy it. I suck at hands, honestly.

Overall, I really love this. ❤ Oh my. I can only draw something like this once in a blue moon!

Panty (c) 2010. Gainax/Geeks

Another fan art of Anarchy Panty! See, see! I’m addicted to her already. Well, she’s just so sexy and extremely adorable.  I have several inspirarions/references to these one. =) Here are they…. !

(c) to their respective owners

The picture at the upper left corner is my reference for Panty’s falling strap. The photo at the upper right is inspiration for Panty’s ‘cloth’ wings (I dunno exactly what it is called. The image at the lower left is actually a painting (oil on canvas) entitled Duet in Red by one of our university’s professor (done in 2009). It was my reference for Panty’s wings (look at the fishes’ tails) and the last image at lower right is my reference for Panty’s pose. I really enjoyed and thrilled doing this sketch and I can’t get any more excited to finish this!!!

Panty (c) 2010. Gainax/Geeks

This is my fan art of Anarchy Panty from Gainax’s newest offer last 2010, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. I am currently addicted to this cartoon-style anime!!! My favorite is Panty and if anyone is reading this entry, you are lucky enough because this WIP could only be seen in here! I was actually planning to do this one in full body but I because I suck at it, I just did this like this. I planned to make this one sexy and seductive and I think it turned the other way around. 0_0 though I like the strap of the dress falling down. And the hair and eyes especially. At first, I really don’t want to continue this but because I found a new way to make it better, here is the result! VIOLA! *laughs*

If you have watched PSG, then you might know what kind of angel Panty is. The cloth around Panty here represents her being an angel and then the spiky lining represents her being a … bitchy anbgel. =) The strap falling down represents her seductiveness. =) Even though I want to finish this already, I still have some priorities to place on my top list. ❤

Maka x Soul

A pairing from the anime Soul Eater

Just recently I decided to have an artwork for every month of a year and this one is for January 2011. It took me days before I have finally finished it. This was originally a scrap (the traditional sketch, I mean) but then I picked it up again, did the lineart and thing and viola! This was the result of that awesome scrap.

Now, originally, the art was supposed to be my entry in fan art contest but I failed to attend it and either ways, I do not want to submit original hard copy artworks. Because it would bring me to tears!! *A*

To tell you about this artwork, it features Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans from the anime Soul Eater. They are obviously an adorable pairing that I couldn’t help but to draw them. This is by the way my first fan art of the couple.

The concept is that Maka harbors… some romantic feelings (which is I don’t know if she do in the anime or manga) for Soul and that look on her gives the aura of… having some secret feelings for her partner, Soul. And Soul on the other hand in this art just looked so… bishounen type and looked more decent and respectful. *laughs* Ahaha!!

This is done in Photoshop ver.7.0. Yep, not CS4 nor 5, just the plain old thing. One of the earliest versions. Hey, it is awesome I tell you. =)

Anarchy Sora


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