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(c) SoraMatsuri

I’m open everyone!! ^^ Feel free to commission me anytime… JUST KIDDING!!

Another quick art doodles and I made a whole lot of them today. Obviously, they are for gaia Online, for my newest shop, Le Petite Chibi Shoppe, which offers quick doodle chibi drawings for a very cheap price. XDD Here are the store girls I made (the last two have been posted here much earlier ^^)

(c) SoraMatsuri

And I have given them names now!! ^^ Clockwise: Blondie, Happy, Missy, Cherry, Sweetie. XDD

I had fun drawing them and they are lovable. XD Hihi!! Oh my, the cuteness!!!

And that would be all for the cuteness. XDD

(C) SoraMatsuri


(c) SoraMatsuri

Now I have some insights with this one. The first image looked so dark – very dark so I changed Oishi’s clothes into lighter ones and their hair colors — I lightened them so it would look not too dark. =) I also changed Tezuka’s clothes but I guess I have to find better colors. 0_0 I am nearing to the final output. And I can’t just wait. ^^

Characters (C) Takeshi Konomi

wip pot

(c) soramatsuri

And after hours and hours and hours!! I finally had started coloring at least, almost, 50%. And oops. 0_0 I forgot to clean the excess color around Oishi’s shirt. Gawd, but at least it showed that I really am working on it. Ahahaha!!!! I can’t wait to finish this one, even though its a little too late. This was supposed to be posted on November last year for K. Eiji’s birthday (Nov.28) ┬ábut since I was busy…. ahaha… Anyways, I tried something different into coloring them. There have been the gradient thing and stuff, not just pure cel-shading that makes a thing look like in an anime – in a real anime. And I think it looks okay. Whoo!!! My shoulders became stiff. Gotta rest. =)

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