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(C) Toei Animation / Aya Nakahara

Lovely Complex or more commonly known as Love*Com is an original manga by Aya Nakahara and was adapted into anime by Toei Animation. It was then later adapted into a live action series wherein Koike Teppei (Gokusen 2) acted as Atsushi Ootani. This series caught my attention as it has a unique plot and quite an unusual pairing not common for a romantic-comedy series. A little trivia though, the characters here are not speaking in standard Japanese language, instead, they are all speaking in Kansai-ben (dialect), which adds up to the comedy relief through out the series.


Love*Com’s story is about a young girl, whose name is Koizumi Risa, who has the height most girls dream of, but she seemed so unhappy with it. In her whole life she have been always standing at the very last spot of the line in school. Her goal is to find a boyfriend after being heartbroken by her crush Suzuki. It was actually a bet between her and a boy named Atsushi Ootani, a definitely not your average guy. He is short — too short for his age but don’t underestimate this little guy! He maybe small but he’s great in basketball and not to mention, has fans himself.

As they continue on their bet, series of unexpected events happened, much to their surprise. Even them couldn’t believe it. They grew closer and eventually, Koizumi developed feelings for Ootani, which caused her love life to be much more complicated than it used to.

One question though, does Ootani feel the same towards her?


This is yet another very simple anime in terms if art but big in plot. Know what I mean? Despite its simplicity the depth of the story is quite not your usual one. The anime is very hilarious, thanks to its Kansai-ben-speaking roster of characters, pulling of one joke to another which is very, very amusing.

The romance in the air was really sweet and quite cliche but not too much.

What I like most about this show is that it depicts the ups and downs when it comes into relationship and it shows that what more important is what a person is: his personality and not his physical appearance. Youths nowadays, majority, look at the outside appearance. So this is a good show that love can last longer when you look on the inside of your partner.

The show maybe quite predictable but it is quite expected that the unexpected will come. =)

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