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(c) SoraMatsuri

This is just a quick doodle for my 1000th post on Tumblr, though I have already exceeded it. I have like 1200+ posts now. And I think I love this character I drew. He’s not one of my OCs but he’s going to be one someday… when I finally have an idea what to name him though. Ahaha!! I love quick doodling like this. Its like it is better than the clean ones I make. But nah, many like the clean works. Who would like messy ones anyway?! =)

This is done in photoshop. =)


This is Me (C) SoraMatsuri

This is my anime/chibi version which is entirely a lie. This is just my fantasy! *laughs* I wanna have red hair, golden cat eyes, and then possess a giant paint brush, paint my shadow green. But I do have glasses!

I retained the original sketch lineart and then colored it using photoshop. I really liked how it turned out this way. I used this as my ID in DeviantArt. =)

Tokyo Marble Chocolate

I first saw this very simple and short anime in an anime magazine a year ago and then watched it. It was done by Production IG, the wonderful studio that did Ghost in the Shell. It is an Original Video Animation (OVA) which consists of two half-hour (almost) episodes.


The story centers on the lovers, Chizuru and Yuudai. Both of then are uncertain and unsure of their feelings for each other. They both have fears in the relationships to their past loves and break-ups.

The first episode tackles Chizuru’s view on their relationship while the second one is about Yuudai’s view.

Will they be able to grow and strengthen their love and relationship?


Truthfully, the anime is really simple in terms of its art but despite of that simplicity it harbors an inspiring and thoughtful sweetness and romance. Animation wise, as it was animated by an award-winning studio, it was very fluid and cute (if I may describe it). The pastel colors of the art adds up to its romantic plot and with a splash of comedy, it has the whole package. The story maybe cliche – predictable – but it doesn’t matter.

Chizuru’s point of view didn’t quite capture me as Yuudai’s did. Maybe it is because of her personality who is quite a mild pessimist. Can’t blame her though, she had been through a lot of hardships in a relationship.

As for Yuudai’s, it was really sweet, making me wish a guy would like that – despite of his klutz side – is very passionate when in a relationship. He may be not one of the gorgeous guys but you can rely on him and has a lovable personality.

The music was reaaaalllly good to top all of that. Seamo’s Mata Aimashou was used for Chizuru’s episode. It was quite of a lonely and sad song. Sukima Switch’s catchy song Zenryoku Shounen was used for Yuudai’s. The song tells about what a man must do. Face his fears, stand up, and never EVER give up! Catchy as it can be, I was listening to it hundred times.

Wrapping things up, the anime was really good and I suggest that couples out there must watch this. I really want a relationship like that. =)

PS: The anime won the Grand Prize in the Feature Film Category  in Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival last 2008. Cool huh?

Anarchy Sora


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