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Today, well, nothing happened except that I came home quite late than the usual and expected. Well, in the morning I don’t have classes and so I just surfed the net made some commissions. Yes, some freakin’ cool commissions on Gaia Online. But before that, let me tell you what happened in my subjects for today.

For my first subject, which is Logic, our professor was hell like crazy. 0_0 He ‘played’ with us. It was sort of like a recitation quiz and it was recorded and brutal. 0_0 He first discussed us our new lessons and after that, we will have a recitation quiz. And believe me, you will want to go to mental hospital afterwards. It was no ordinary recitation nor quiz.

Every correct answer you will get 5 points and every time you were correct, you will get promoted and will be seated on front. Those were wrong will have to be demoted from their current seats and will have to go at the back. Only 8 PAPERS shall be checked, meaning, you have to run all the way to your professor and give him your paper.

If you’ve got wrong, you get ZERO points and every zero point is equal to minus 5 in the recitation points. And so the game began… I DIDN’T EVEN ONCE TRIED TO PASS MY PAPER BECAUSE I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING THAT HE HAD TACKLED. Yes, that is true and so, I was just relaxing my mind, heart, and soul and silently watching my classmates do the recitation quiz.

Okay, next was Interior Design Seminar and Workshop. And we watched… the making of Miss Saigon (1988).

It was really interesting to watch the making of a stage play. The documentary of Miss Saigon started with the auditions. We later found out that the staff of the play actually went to different nations to search for the cast. They went to London, Hawaii, and Philippines. I have seen a lot of Asians (Filipinos, particularly) auditioned and awesomely, one Filipino and two Filipinos I know got in. And I bet you know LEA SALONGA. She was chosen to be in the role of KIM and her childhood friend Monique Wilson as Mimi.

It was really awesome, seeing the young 18-year-old Lea Salonga, so small, cute, chubby, but has a big, big, big, big, BIG voice to boot. She effortlessly sang and amazed the staff. One staff exclaimed after Lea sing, “That’s it!”

Lea Salonga got in and I was like “OH MY GOD!”

And so, the rehearsals were shown and my oh my, it wasn’t an easy task.

The cast was of different nationalities: American, French, Asian, Black. Yet, they were all synchronized, disciplined, and awesome. Did I say they were awesome? XDD

I was actually proud about the fact the fellow Filipinos were so talented and got in in the Miss Saigon.

Seeing the making of the play inspired me even more to do better and hope and believe in myself. ❤


UST Giant Balloon

And today, our university, the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas, The Catholic University of the Philippines, World’s oldest university, celebrated its 400 years today. Well, today is not exactly its 400th year but still, we celebrated it earlier. =) There were giant balloons which glow during the night. Ugh!! They were totally huge!!!

McDonald Breakfast!

Before the whole program started, there were free breakfast from McDonald’s — Ham and Egg with Rice. (Even though the box says its chicken inside). =) YUMMY. Though we ate outside. Some were standing some were seated on the ground. It was still yummy though. But the others didn’t like it. I dunno why. Then there was iced tea. Which I liked even if it is not that cold anymore. =) Thank you McDonald’s!! Then after that, we lined up to get ready for the parade. One road was closed to give way to us. There were floats and everything under the sun. For each course, there was a tarpaulin and for each college there were flags. The pictures below is my college and course. College of Fine Arts and Design and my course, Interior Design (btw, those are my classmates.)

Preparing for the Parade

As for my college, we didn’t wear any costumes. 0_0 I dunno exactly why the heck we did not make any effort to do so?! While Others had so many props and then they wear costumes! >_< And I was so envious….

Costumes and Stuff

By the way, the girls with red and maroon/red cloth covering their faces are my classmates and those are NOT costumes. 0_0 I know, we were just playing with it, like it was meat to wipe our sweat away, or protection from the sun, or for emergency stuff, etc!! And goodness, we were just bored. Plain bored. 0_0

When we were heading outside of UST grounds… BAM! SLRs are raining. People, especially those who are aspiring photographers, just can’t miss UST’s quadri parade. It is one of the main highlights. Just look at those camera. I wanna steal them, honestly. Ahaha!

Capturing the Parade

And I know, those camera looked so cheap because almost everyone on the street have one. 0_0 oh my. Continuing…. we head on our way, passed several schools, restaurants, and interrupted the traffic flow. *laughs* Yes, seriously, cars gave way to us. People gave way to us. Animals? Gave way to us and BAM! We were shouting like crazy! Cheering like our lungs gonna pop any moment!! So very fun!!! But with all of the shouting plus the heat plus the noise plus the pollution, we were all beat up… but because it is our 400th year, we just can’t be ‘normal’. Have to be crazy~!!!

Proud to be Thomasian @ 400.

And at lunch, yey! Free lunch!

Free Lunch

And picture taking with friends. That’s how my day ended. Atthe least. Though tiring, it was once in a life time. =)

Picture Taking w/ Friends!

Anarchy Sora


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