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This will be short like duh. XD Tomorrow I won’t be able to post anything for certain somethings. So I just have to say buh-bye and I just want to thank the one who subscribed to me! I’ll try my best and hardest so you won’t unsubscribe to my blog. XDD

Oh, just to make to this long, I’ll post some quick doodles, XDD this post will be in the Quick doodle Category. XD

(C) SoraMatsuri

Commission. Yeah, That is a commission I made. XD Here’s another one that I kinda like. XD

(C) SoraMatsuri

Well, goodbye for now. Be back on Tuesday. I hope so. =)


(C) SoraMatsuri

This is another quick doodle for Gaia! I know what does “Come Again!” means. =) Anyways, this is how my avatar looks before the one with bluish white hair. =w=

(C) SoraMatsuri

This is just a quick doodle for Gaia Online. That is my avatar in different clothing. ^^ I did this so I can comment it to every buyer who bought something from my shop in the marketplace or have requested something from Chibi art shop. I retained the sketchy look so make it a lot cuter. XD

Made in Photoshop ver.7.0.

(C) SoraMatsuri

I don’t know why the hell I drew all of these! I am not in love or something. Maybe I guess I was just inspired. In all of these three doodles, I really like the first one. Maybe because the pairing is so cute and their expressions. I mostly got my inspirations from short stories, love songs, and quotations. Ahaha, but while I was drawing these, I am thinking of having a boyfriend. But guess my standards only exist in my daydreams. But in anyways, my true love will someday come. I’ll just wait and see to it.

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