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(C) Gainax/Geeks

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt was the newest offer of Studio Gainax (Gurren Lagann, FLCL) last 2010 after the massive and phenomenal success of their last series, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Surely, it was quite a big change to the studio, offering a cartoon-style anime with a content not suitable for all ages, but rather for those who are adult enough.


Panty & Stocking revolves around the story of two sisters, Panty (the older) and Stocking (the younger). They are actually fallen angels whose job were to defeat all Ghosts on earth from wrecking havoc. Every Ghost they defeat leaves a heaven coin or more. Once they have collected enough of these coins, they are permitted to go back to heaven.

But it seems they have a long way to go, as these two were not angelic enough: Panty loves ‘playing in bed’ while Stocking has an enormous addiction to sweets. They were accustomed to be getting laidback and so nothing but what that pleases them. Will they be able to go back to heaven?

(C) Gainax/Geeks


Actually, just this 2011 I discovered Panty & Stocking but last 2010, my friends have been talking about. I thought it was just a collection of funny clips like the ones you see on YouTube. But when I asked one friend to describe what the show is all about, he said that it isn’t your usual cartoon show. It is made in Japan by Studio Gainax but in cartoon style. I said okay and I even felt thrilled since Gainax animated it. But then he followed it deals with mature content.

At first, I was hesitant to watch this because of the mature content. But hey, it is cartoon, what could be so mature about it? And so… I watched it.

And BAM. It was enormously hilarious like crazy, dude! The humor is just… is just blowing my mind so far far away and all those crazy representations of the so-called  mature content is insane. Every single clip on YouTube there are dislikes but the likes are double of that. Which is… so COOL. That everyone loved it, because I loved it as well.

Truthfully, it wasn’t really suitable for just anyone. Since it deals with sex, vulgar words, obscene scenes, and violence, which is a no-no to youngsters. And because of that, it is no wonder why there many who disliked it.

On top of that, many said that the show may be the one that will cause Gainax the downfall, but I think it won’t! Many just loved it and it proves that the show is a success, not as successful as TTGL, but it was a success.

(C) Gainax/Geeks

The characters are all lovable, especially Brief. Oh my, the most handsome and cutest geek (in cartoon) I’ve ever seen!! And Chuck, which is almost looked like someone in Invader Zim. XD SImply adorable. And who would have thought? Garterbelt is a man in afro, which is a priest? And his history was really… really coooooool.

The music was really good, especially D City Rock which is one of the original soundtrack. The music video of it was a total hit. The animation was superb, too superb for a cartoon-style anime and plus, the anime versions of the two protagonists are breath taking.

Each episode will make you burst into laughter. Plus, the names are not your average names. The characters lived up to their names. Oh yes~

It was a bit refreshing for me, since I don’t watch cartoons that often. I really love this show and I just can’t wait for the second season!! XD


(C) SoraMatsuri

At last!! This one is finished! This is my first time doing all the gradient thing all over an art. =) The description of this one is in here:

I am really so happy! ^^ This one is posted in my DeviantArt Gallery now.

And I was really thrilled with this one. I can’t believe I actually did this! But for more info… here they are!

I had several tried into coloring Panty’s eyes. The first try it was too dark and the  the next tries were just so… BLAH. It took me… at least half an hour into doing that. And for her hair, just love love love it! Got it from the very first try. For the skin, it was really fun to do. =)

Up next, I would doing my other Panty fan art! XDDD

Panty (c) 2010. Gainax/Geeks

Another fan art of Anarchy Panty! See, see! I’m addicted to her already. Well, she’s just so sexy and extremely adorable.  I have several inspirarions/references to these one. =) Here are they…. !

(c) to their respective owners

The picture at the upper left corner is my reference for Panty’s falling strap. The photo at the upper right is inspiration for Panty’s ‘cloth’ wings (I dunno exactly what it is called. The image at the lower left is actually a painting (oil on canvas) entitled Duet in Red by one of our university’s professor (done in 2009). It was my reference for Panty’s wings (look at the fishes’ tails) and the last image at lower right is my reference for Panty’s pose. I really enjoyed and thrilled doing this sketch and I can’t get any more excited to finish this!!!

Panty (c) 2010. Gainax/Geeks

This is my fan art of Anarchy Panty from Gainax’s newest offer last 2010, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. I am currently addicted to this cartoon-style anime!!! My favorite is Panty and if anyone is reading this entry, you are lucky enough because this WIP could only be seen in here! I was actually planning to do this one in full body but I because I suck at it, I just did this like this. I planned to make this one sexy and seductive and I think it turned the other way around. 0_0 though I like the strap of the dress falling down. And the hair and eyes especially. At first, I really don’t want to continue this but because I found a new way to make it better, here is the result! VIOLA! *laughs*

If you have watched PSG, then you might know what kind of angel Panty is. The cloth around Panty here represents her being an angel and then the spiky lining represents her being a … bitchy anbgel. =) The strap falling down represents her seductiveness. =) Even though I want to finish this already, I still have some priorities to place on my top list. ❤


(C) Gainax/Geeks

Anime: Panty & Stocking with Garter Belt

Artist: teddyloid feat Debra Zeer


My name is Panty, the crazy sexy blondie
And I'm not dumb
I'm breaking the news, now boys! Us girls
We're full-time horny too!

Hey, check out that hot one, damn he's got a big
*******[1] delicious
It's time to get dirty now, so will y'all excuse me
Read the air![2] I'm busy!

Garterbelt! Again you've dialed D-CITY 2-900[3]
Pantsu[4] line! Copy that! Clear the city!

Anarchy!  Everyone wants to be me!
Anarchy yeah!  Get it up so I can see!
Anarchy!  Let it flow wild and free!
Anarchy yeah!  Y'all ready for the gig?!

By the way, my name is Stocking, I spill venom
Stinging arrows[5]
And I got sweet tooth for lollipops[6]
Loli[7] goth, I lick good!

These stripes will strip you down
I got no mercy for chiralism
My fans they all love me 'cuz I kick it real tasty
I get high being nasty!

Garterbelt! You keep slappin' my butt around
Pantsu line! Freaky girl comin' your way!

Anarchy!  Everyone wants to be me!
Anarchy yeah!  Standing ovation please!
Anarchy!  Shake that thing[8] wild and free!
Anarchy yeah!  Steady ready for the gig?!

I know you know... these wings inside of you
I know you know... they do get naughty too
Before I go... there's something I wanna say
Your sleepy anarchy... Wake it up! Wake it up!

Anarchy!  Everyone wants to be me!
Anarchy yeah!  Get it up so I can see!
Anarchy!  Let it flow wild and free!
Anarchy yeah!  Y'all ready for the gig?!

Anarchy Sora


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