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(C) SoraMatsuri

this is the drawing I made for my tumblr daddy. He wanted his hair long and had a domo-kun hat. I liked this a lot. ^^ He’s a music lover so he has earphones in his hands in this drawing. ^^


Today is a rather quite boring day. We don’t have classes and that leave me into indulging myself into the internet. More or less I wanna go straight in to my computer screen. So all I did today was to listen to music, surf the internet, and then text him, text her, text them, checked out my Facebook account, my DeviantArt gallery, reblog in Tumblr, roll around in Gaia and that would be all. 0_0 continue my fan arts and then… and then what? *BANG BANG* I’m dead. Boredom killed me! And sleepy attack!! But I don’t want to sleep just because I know I will wake up in the evening. And I don’t like that. Tomorrow will be pretty much the same. I think. 0_0

Nothing really interesting had happened except that…

I ate Yogurt!!! mango flavored!

I played jigsaw in Gaia!

And I think that will be all. 0_0 I hate being bored actually. I do doodles like these but I am not in the mood. =_= I wanna write down the story in my head but I feel so lazy…. I wish tonight will be a little better.

Btw, the wind in here is so strong. It adds to the sleepy attack. ZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzz

(c) SoraMatsuri

This is just a quick doodle for my 1000th post on Tumblr, though I have already exceeded it. I have like 1200+ posts now. And I think I love this character I drew. He’s not one of my OCs but he’s going to be one someday… when I finally have an idea what to name him though. Ahaha!! I love quick doodling like this. Its like it is better than the clean ones I make. But nah, many like the clean works. Who would like messy ones anyway?! =)

This is done in photoshop. =)

Anarchy Sora


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